6 Benefits Of A Responsive Website

6 Benefits Of A Responsive Website

A responsive website automatically reformats itself to fit the device on which the web page is viewed, whether it's a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. As a result, it gives customers a better user experience when browsing through your site. No more zooming in and out or rearranging images to suit their screen size is required. Additionally, Google is now ranking responsive websites higher in search results than those that aren't mobile-friendly; there's no reason not to make your site responsive.

Your customers expect a website that looks great and works well on any device, and if you don't have a responsive website, you're losing business. With higher bounce back rate, your website will rank down which is not good by the SEO perspective.

Here are six benefits of having a responsive website for your business. Then, in the last section of the article, we'll tell you about a web development agency near me if you need to make a responsive website to give a boost to your business online.

1) Improved user experience

A responsive website provides an improved user experience because it adapts to its screen size. It means no more zooming in and out or scrolling left to right on small screens. Instead, customers will enjoy hazel-free navigation on your website.

2) Increased mobile traffic

According to recent research, 61% of internet users access websites from smartphones and tablets. If your website isn't responsive, they will click away from another website as the competition is immense. Having a responsive website means your customers will stay on your site rather than elsewhere because it's easy to read.

3) Google likes responsive websites

According to recent research, having a mobile-friendly website can affect your ranking in Google's search engine result pages or SERP. Back in 2015, Google announced they would begin considering if the website is mobile-friendly when ranking sites in the search results. So you can imagine the importance of if your website isn't mobile-friendly, it will be harder for your site to appear in Google's results when people search on their smartphones.

4) Saves money

A responsive website can help you save money by reducing the amount of paid marketing to generate traffic. This is because customers won't be clicking over to your site from ads if they can't read them on their phones. A responsive website will automatically generate traffic, making the website rank higher.

5) Improved SEO

Google also announced that having a mobile responsive website can improve your SEO. If you are having both a mobile and desktop version of your toy to site, Google may pick one to list in the mobile search results and detail in the desktop search results. Having a single responsive website allows Google to show the same version of your website in the mobile and desktop search results.

6) Improved brand identity

Having a responsive website allows you to give your customers a consistent and seamless experience on any device they use to access your web page, making a unique brand identity of your own. No matter how many devices people use, you want to keep them returning to the website.

Let’s Make This Straight!

A responsive website is very beneficial for your business to grow more digital. The competition is so intense that you need to be a step ahead of your competitors. A responsive website will generate organic traffic as you provide user-friendly web pages to navigate smoothly. More traffic will, of course, result in a higher ranking of your website on the SERP. More high-ranking means more effective SEO. These factors increase the number of potential customers, eventually growing your business higher.

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